Mission Statement

Hong Kong Cats Limited is a not for profit, volunteer run animal rescue organisation. Our mission is to look after unwanted animals and we are committed to partnering with the community to provide safe shelter to lost, abandoned, surrendered and neglected or abused cats and to care for and rehabilitate them until they are able to be placed in loving, adoptive homes.  We will ensure that the animals are spayed, neutered and have medical care provided to them.  We will then board them at vet offices and / or foster homes until we get them adopted. We rely on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers who are willing to provide time, love, enthusiasm and temporary homes to help us take care of the animals that desperately need our help.

We partner with the AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) to educate the general public on responsible pet ownership.

We are ardent supporters of the “Adopt Don’t Shop” movement and to eradicating “hobby breeders”.

About the Founder of Hong Kong Cats Limited

Hong Kong Cats was started informally by Emily Pereira in 2015 as a response to a number of factors in particular the need to look after the feral cat colony in Si Kung and adjourning areas and in 2015 she set up a Society. During this time Emily has actively homed more than 300 cats.

She has funded most of her endeavours out of her own pocket and with the kind assistance of friends and like minded people. Her dedication and commitment has meant that a few hundred animals have been successfully homed over the last two years. She has always depended on the financial kindness of animal lovers to help her continue to do what she does and has now decided to found a charity with a view to widening her efforts to help more animals and educating the general public in animal welfare.

Emily currently shares her home with three cats and her husband who fully supports her endeavours.

Our Network in the Community

Foster Carers

Fostering cats is a big part of the homing process. We have been lucky to have lots of volunteers who regularly foster cats until they are adopted. On average we have the support of ten different foster homes at any given time.

Our Goals for the Next 12 Months

We wish to partner with the community to:

  • Educate the public about the fate of unwanted animals;
  • Promote and provide humane protection, veterinary care, shelter and training for abandoned, abused, and homeless animals;
  • Organise Adoption Days, with selected partners to find homes for animals under our protective care.
  • Promote the principles of responsible pet ownership and care through community education.
    Advocate the spaying or neutering of all cats to limit the feral colonies in Hong Kong.

Policies & Practices

  • All animals will be spayed or neutered and micro-chipped accordingly.
  • All cats will be examined by a veterinarian and pronounced healthy or information regarding special needs will be provided.
  • Cats will be personality tested, including reactions to strangers, cats, children, etc. Every cat will be bathed, groomed and treated for internal and external parasites.
  • Adoption fees will be raised in order to cover some of the initial costs of care for the animals.
  • We will not euthanize cats except to spare the animal suffering in cases of terminal injuries or illness that our veterinarian determines to be untreatable and ultimately fatal.

Current Drives

Adoption Events

We hold monthly adoption events for both cats.

We have a small network of volunteers, they help organise the transport, care and welfare of the animals on the adoption days.


We have devised questionnaires to screen potential adopters. Our questions have been carefully worded to help potential adopters understand the commitment required of them when adopting a pet. Our policy is that adoption is for life, and our questionnaires help impress that the responsibility for the welfare of the animal lies with the adopter. We want our animals to go to a home and stay with the family permanently and not be returned, although returns do happen sometimes out of a variety of reasons.

We have set ourselves criteria which every adopter needs to meet. Our main focus is commitment.

Cat Events and Our Volunteers

Our volunteers will set up the cages with litter trays, water and food, brush the cats and keep the cages clean and play with them during the day.

Working with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)

Hong Kong Cats is an official rehoming partner of the Hong Kong Government’s AFCD. When stray cats or kittens are picked up by AFCD, they will call Hong Kong Cats’ to help with the rehoming process, given our strong past experience with this task. Also, Hong Kong Cats’ volunteers regularly join AFCD’s community events to advocate and present to the public on responsible pet ownership.

Education Outreach

Hong Kong Cats seek to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, why they should have their animals de-sexed and how they should take care of them at home. Hong Kong Cats provides educational talks at homing events and also at schools in Hong Kong. We have also been sponsored by AFCD to create and film bilingual education videos on responsible pet ownership and advocate the “Adopt don’t Shop” philosophy amongst the Hong Kong public, which can be viewed online.

An example of the educational series created between Hong Kong Cats and AFCD can be seen on public buses via the Hong Kong Road Show television channel.

Online Presence

We are currently using a lot of free media to get the word out to the general public, this is mainly Facebook, Asia Expat and any other sides that are aimed at the general populace of Hong Kong. Once we have achieved charity status and tax exemption, we will be able to set up and design a webpage to advertise the animals ready for adoption, invite donations and provide useful information on animal care.

The goals of this online fundraising plan are to:

  • Open an online channel of communication with direct mail donors who want it.
  • Acquire new online donors.
  • Cultivate and re-solicit existing and new online donors.

The key to acquiring new online donors will be developing partnerships to drive traffic to our site, building a large e-mail list for prospecting, and making our site even more successful in converting visitors into donors. In addition, we’ll expand the opportunities for raising money elsewhere online.

1. Website

Our website should be a major tool in engaging and interacting with new and existing donors, while still meeting the needs of our various other constituencies- people seeking to adopt, kids, animal lovers, etc. The website is also a tool to show our donors what we do and where their donation went to. It is essential to demonstrate to them our commitment and drive. They should see offline fundraising themes reflected on the site, new content, things to do, compelling features, etc. Many new people will also visit our site simply to look at the animals, without any intention of adopting. We’ll need online mechanisms to engage those people, and to turn them into donors. Here’s what we’ll do to make that happen.

  • We’ll develop our site to have a streamlined look and feel in order to increase its functionality. Our site must be appealing to all of the community, therefore we will have a Chinese website and an English Website.
  • We’ll maximize our giving opportunities on the site and give them high visibility on our home page and other pages, especially our most visited pages and those pages that tend to evoke strong emotions (animal pages).
  • On an ongoing basis, we’ll monitor opportunities for promoting Kirsten’s Zoo work online in the context of animal-related news and our many events.
2. E-mail Marketing

We’ll develop an e-mail outreach program for communicating regularly with donors and prospects. The program will initially include a monthly e-newsletter with donor and non-donor versions and occasional action or event alerts. Eventually, we’ll build in targeted e-mail messages for people with expressed interests in certain subjects like no-kill policy, dogs, feral cat care, etc., and deliver e-mail renewals for existing online donors; and solicitations and special appeals for both existing donors and prospects.

We’ll develop and implement strategies for building our e-mail list. In addition to offering simple email sign-ups on our site, we’ll design creative ways to build our prospect e-mail list through incentives, such as offering a chance to win a gift certificate to a local pet store for people who subscribe to our e-newsletter.

3. Increasing Site Traffic

With a compelling website and technology in place to manage content and donor relationships, we’ll develop campaigns to drive traffic to our site. We’ll work to improve our search engine and directory rankings and links, create and run campaigns on our site and elsewhere, and develop corporate partnerships and sponsorships to drive traffic to our site. Strategies will include:

  • Finding an appealing, easy-to-remember URL
  • Increasing our visibility on our offline corporate partners’ Web sites through links, banners and special campaigns.
  • Promoting our site as a no-kill information centre by disseminating (free) content, tips, facts and interactive devices to other sites with links back to our site.
  • Promoting our fundraising campaigns on media sites. We’ll try to place them free on national, regional and local media sites.
  • Promoting our events online through event listing services like local media listings, and others.
  • Maximizing our search engine rankings by improving our meta tags, buying some keywords, and paying for increased rankings at some sites.
4. Special Campaigns

We’ll run a few targeted online campaigns throughout the year: one in December, and one in the spring.

  • The December campaign will have a holiday focus with special holiday giving opportunities (gift donations, sponsor cat, other items that have been donated).
  • The spring appeal will be combined with a no-kill (or other issue) awareness campaign with special web pages and a strong tell-a-friend element. While it will have a fundraising element, the focus of this campaign will be to build our online reputation and our e-mail list.