Adoption Form

Firstly, thank-you for choosing to adopt and save the life of a cat.

  • All of the cats that are adopted will have had a health check carried out by a vet.
  • We ask all adopters for a minimum adoption fee of HK$1,200 to cover the cost of vaccinations, which every cat or kitten requires, anti-flea (Frontline), de-worming, desexing, and a microchip under the skin. Please note, if you adopt two cats, you will still need to pay HKD1,200 for each cat or kitten.
  • Your cat(s) will require worming tablets and Frontline on the back of their neck every 3 months throughout their lives, and an annual vaccination to keep them up-to-date with everything they require.
  • We recommend that you keep your cat indoors, as there are lots of different diseases that it can pick up, there is a chance is could get run over, attacked by dogs or taken by a snake. So please make sure you have screens on your windows and make sure you have a cat friendly environment.
  • We do not recommend the adoption of a small kitten if you have toddlers in your home. Kittens are easily stepped on, and when chased they may become traumatised and turn into skittish cats and become unsocial.
  • Cats and kittens adopted through us must not be declawed. It is cruel and can also promote biting and the tendency to nip at other cats and other people. It also causes unnecessary stress in highly strung cats as well as being an unimaginably painful experience for the cat.

When adopting the cat or kitten, it may still need to go for vaccinations, desexing and micro-chipping. These procedures can be done at the following SPCA clinics:

SPCA – The SPCA have a clinic in Wan Chai, Sai Kung, Stanley, Kowloon, Hang Hau, Mui Wo, Fairview Park Centre and
Cheung Chau. The below are just a few – please check website:

SPCA – 5 Wan Shing Street, Wanchai Tel:2802 0501
SPCA – 105 Princess Margaret Road, Kowloon Tel: 2713 9104
SPCA – 7 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung Tel: 2792 1535

Please inform us when you are ready to book the appointment, I must be the person to book the appointment for you. If you go ahead and book the appointment yourself, you may need to pay for it.

If you book the adopted cat or kittens desexing operation at the SPCA, and cancel the appointment giving less than one week notice, you will need to take responsibility to pay for the rescheduled appointment.

The cats and kittens we take in will all get dewormed. For extra deworming tablets or Panacur, you will need to cover this at your own expense.

Take some time to prepare for the arrival your new family member!

Here are some items that we recommend you prepare before adopting a cat:

Litter tray – it is important that every cat has its own individual litter tray

Litter – We recommend that you use a natural cat litter, such as pineIwood or tofu– not clay or silica dust. Besides being inexpensive, it has a pleasant odour, and can be flushed down the toilet. This means there is no need to waste
plastic bags, which helps save the environment

Scratch post – cats release pheromones through their paws, which marks their territory. Because of this, they love to scratch. Scratching is a necessary daily activity for a cat, so make sure they have something to scratch. If your cat isn’t using the scratch post, then try a different shape or style – some cats like to scratch horizontally and others vertically.

Toys – feathers, balls, string, and toys that release treats. You can even make your own by putting some cat*nip into an old sock and including a bell. Anything to keep their minds active

Cat carrier – you will be required to bring your own cat carrier to take your cat away in. You will likely use this for future visits to a vet as well

Food – Please try to buy the most appropriate food for a cats age (bags/tins will have labels) i.e kittens require kitten food and adult cats require adult cat food. Kitten food has higher protein content, while they are developing. Adult cats do not need as higher protein content.

Cat Tree – If your apartment is relatively small, we recommend that you add height, so that your kitten or cat has more space to run around. One way of doing this is with a cat tree.

Buying food from a vet is the best option and we recommend that you choose the following brands: Applaws, Almo Nature, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Fish4Cats, Earthborn, and Fromm.

Please try to avoid any cheap brands, especially supermarket signature brands, as these often contain high quantities of food colouring and sugar, causing long-term kidney problems. Especially avoid giving Whiskers or Friskies to kittens, as it might be too rich for them.

Payment Details

The minimum adoption fee of $1,200 (see above) should be deposited via bank transfer or direct deposit.

Bank Name: Bank of China
Account Name: Hong Kong Cats
Account Number: 012-6170-003915-6

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The ADOPTER assumes full responsibility of the animal including but not limited to food bills, health care and general well@being.
  2. The ADOPTER agrees to contact Hong Kong Cats if the animal is lost for more than 24 hours or is stolen.
  3. The ADOPTER agrees to allow Hong Kong Cats to periodically check to confirm the animal’s acceptance of the new environment and family and to ensure compliance with all Adoption Agreement conditions. This may include home visits and interviews. Hong Kong Cats retains the right to reclaim an animal when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate home or veterinary care or breach of contract. The ADOPTER agrees to relinquish custody of an animal to Hong Kong Cats immediately upon request without legal writ or order until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified.
  4. Hong Kong Cats cannot guarantee the health of the cats/kittens. Many of them are strays and therefore we have no record of their medical history.
  5. The ADOPTER must notify Hong Kong Cats if at any time or for any reason the ADOPTER cannot keep the animal, and must return the animal to Hong Kong Cats rather than transferring it to another household or surrendering it to a shelter or government kennel (AFCD). If the ADOPTER must return the animal to Hong Kong Cats, he/she agrees to give Hong Kong Cats at least one week’s notice, so that a place can be found for the animal, or to pay the cost of boarding kennel fees. The ADOPTER returning an animal to Hong Kong Cats. Must provide proof that the animal is current on vaccinations, or must pay the cost of bringing the vaccinations up to date.
  6. The ADOPTER agrees that this animal will not be acquired as a surprise gift.
  7. The ADOPTER agrees to notify Hong Kong Cats of any change in address or phone number.
  8. The ADOPTER agrees to provide quality veterinary care for animals including, but not limited to, an annual vaccination on par with the legalization of the Hong Kong SAR.
  9. I/We understand that animals may carry diseases and parasites that may be transmissible to humans.
  10. I/We agree Hong Kong Cats shall not be responsible for any and all damage costs or expenses, liquidated or otherwise, incurred by the ADOPTER resulting from a placement including but not limited to damage or injury to persons or property by the animal and in this connection, the ADOPTER releases, indemnifies and holds Hong Kong Cats and its volunteers and staff harmless from any and all liability of any and every nature and cause directly or indirectly relating to this placement.
  11. Hong Kong Cats and its representatives accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by any animal adopted.
  12. I/we attest that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein. Each clause, and the Terms and Conditions of Adoption in its entirety, have been read and understood by me/us. By signing this document I/we agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the contract.