Cat Neutering

We advise that you get your cat desexed (spayed/Neutured) when they are 5-6 months old. It is best that they are desexed when they are young, before the female goes on heat or the male gets territorial and starts the spray.

If you adopted a kitten from Hong Kong Cats, then your kitten can be taken to any SPCA vet clinic to have this operation, and the cost is covered in the adoption fee. We also advice that you have your cat microchipped at the same time as they are spayed, as it will not cause them any pain.

Before the operation, you need to make sure your cat doesn’t eat from 10pm the night before. Your cat can still have water, but you’ll need to take the water away at 8am. The operation is very simple. He or she will be given an anaesthetic. Your cat will need to be dropped off at the vet clinic in the morning and picked up later on the same day.

After Care

Once you being your cat home, leave him/her in a quite place where you cat can feel safe or hide away for a while. You can give them a small amount of wet food at first.

A It is normal that he/she will be a little quieter for the first day or so. You should keep your cat in a small room and reduce play for a few days. If you have a female, you’ll need to keep a cone of her head to stop her from licking her wound. If you’re finding it difficult to keep a cone of her head, then you can try cutting out a hole from a paper plate and popping that on her head.

If you see any discharge or suspect something is wrong, then please contact you vet clinic immediately.