Kitten Behavior: What to Expect

As adorable they are, kittens come with bundles of energy, they will scratch more, and they demand more time and energy than an adult cat. They love to climb curtains and tackle feet.

Your kitten’s level of energy will likely depend on the age at which it comes home with you. At 8 weeks, minimum age that kittens from Hong Kong Cats can be adopted, your kitten will be active but may not be coordinated enough to start scaling the furniture. As they age, their coordination and energy level will increase and you’ll notice them jumping, leaping, chasing after things and playfully attacking their owners and toys.

Sometimes they’ll seem like they’re cuddling, but can all of a sudden start nibbling owners hands and switch back and forth between relaxing and playing. It’s important that you discourage nibbling and scratching at this stage, it may not hurt now, but it sure will when they get older. Simply by shouting ‘NO’ and stop stroking them until they are calm again should help prevent this.

This behavior is just your kitten’s way of practicing to become an adult. Because of their predatory nature, kittens will explore new places and get used to their environment by following their instincts, which include biting, jumping and chasing after things.

The best way to harness these instincts into something productive. Providing your kitten with plenty of consistent, regular playtime and balls/toys that it can chase around.

Playtime Tips
  • Don’t use you hand as a toy, it’s very cute now but it will encourage unwanted behavior later on.
  • If you play with a laser light with your kitten, make sure you replace it with a toy that your kitten can catch, so it doesn’t just lead to frustration.
  • Tap into your kitten’s natural instincts by replicating the hunt-catch-kill cycle that a cat is hardwired to perform.
  • Cats love chasing paper and balls. Leave some small balls around, perhaps with bells in, so your cat can chase them when you’re finished playing with them.

Please check out kitty proofing your home.

We do recommend adopting two kittens together, as they keep each other company.

They will play together and tire each other out and teach each other the rules of play. It’s also easier when you’re not at home, because they can keep each other company at home, rather than worrying about your cat getting lonely.